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M-22 & M-109 junction route signage in Glen Arbor, Michigan

M-95: Republic Mine Reroute (1958)

The following excerpts from the 1955 and 1977 "Republic, Michigan" USGS topographic quadrangle maps show the difference before and after the expansion of the open pit mining operations at the Republic Mine. The 1955 map is on the left, while the 1977 map—with purple tint to indicate revisions from the previous edition—on the right. Use the slider button—the red square with the black border at the bottom of the image—to move back and forth between the two editions of the map and note the changes along M-95 in the area of the mine. Note the area on the west side of the highway known as "Park Hill." Some of these homes were moved to South Republic, while others were demolished to make way for the new mining operations.

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