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Western Terminus:    M-47 west of Saginaw at cnr State Rd & Midland Rd in Saginaw Twp
Eastern Terminus:    I-675 at Exit 3 on the north edge of downtown Saginaw
Length: 5.285 miles
Maps: Route Map of M-58
Notes: The current alignment of M-58 was formerly a part of US-10 and M-47, and later M-81.
  In "State Trunkline Needs, 1960–1980," a set of maps prepared by the State Highway Dept's Office of Planning, Programming Division in 1960 showing possible additions, upgrades and improvements to the state trunkline system over the ensuing twenty years, MSHD staff actually recommended no changes whatsoever to the route of M-58 during that timeframe. As it existed in 1960, however, the M-58 designation would not survive the next year.
History: 1913 (Dec 13) – A new state trunkline routing consisting of three related but disconnected segments is established connecting St Joseph with Berrien Springs, Niles and the Indiana state line. From the state line, T.L. 58 runs northerly for 3.6 miles via Third St, terminating at the Niles city limit at Fort St. North of downtown, the second segment of T.L. 58 begins at the northern city limit and proceeds for 9.2 miles, ending on the St Joseph River bridge at the eastern Berrien Springs village limit. The third segment begins at the western village limit of Berrien Springs and continues northwesterly for 12.1 miles to the southern St Joseph city limit at the corner of Niles Ave & Botham Ave, where T.L. 58 has its northernmost terminus.
  1919 – T.L. 58 is signed in the field as M-58 as all state trunkline highways in Michigan are signed with route markers. The gaps in the route within the cities of Niles and St Joseph and the Village of Berrien Springs are signed as M-58 but are not officially under state jurisdiction.
  1919 (Sept 22) – The gap in the route of M-58 from the St Joseph city limit at Botham Ave to the route of M-11 (later US-12) downtown is filled when a 1.6-mile state trunkline routing is established along Niles Ave from Botham Ave northerly to Main St, then along Main St from Niles Ave to M-11/Broad St.
  1921 (Jan 11) – An additional 0.5 mile of state trunkline mileage is added to the system when M-58 is extended south along Front St from the northern Niles city limit to Wayne St.
  1921 (Sept 22) – The 1.6-mile trunkline establishment from exactly two years previous (on September 22, 1919) is cancelled as a state trunkline routing, while at the same time the southernmost 0.9 mile of that same segment (from Botham Ave to Winchester Ave) is re-established as a state trunkline route. M-58 remains signed along Niles Ave from Winchester Ave to Main St and along Main St from Niles Ave to M-11/Broad St, although these streets are under city jurisdiction again.
  1925 (July 1) – 0.8 mile of state trunkline mileage is added to the system when M-58 is extended north along Third St from the southern Niles city limit to Wayne St.
  1926 (Nov 11) – With the debut of the US Highway system, US-31 replaces M-58 in its entirety from the Indiana state line south of Niles to St Joseph and M-58 ceases as a state trunkline highway designation.
  1927–29 – A westerly bypass of the City of Pontiac in Oakland Co is constructed and receives the M-58 route designation—the second of three iterations of M-58 in total:
  • 1927 (Dec 2) – A 5.2-mile segment of the westerly bypass of Pontiac is established as a state trunkline route. The segment of Telegraph Rd from Square Lake Rd southwest of Pontiac northerly to just north of the present-day intersection of County Center Dr is designated as M-58 and likely opens to traffic in late 1928. (The segment was paved in 1928.)
  • 1928 (Nov 5) – The 1.3-mile segment of Square Lake Rd from US-10/Woodward Ave westerly to Telegraph Rd is established as a state trunkline route and is designated as part of M-58.
  • 1929 (Jan 15) – The final 0.3 mile segment of the M-58 westerly bypass of Pontiac via Telegraph Rd from the northern end of the existing M-58 to a terminus at US-10/Oakland Ave is officially established as a state trunkline highway. At this point, the entire western bypass of Pontiac from US-10 southeast of the city to US-10 northwest of the city is completed and opened to traffic.
  1930 (June 30) – The 0.8 miles of Square Lake Rd running easterly from the southern terminus of M-58 at US-10/Woodward Ave is established as a state trunkline route. Evidence points to this segment being signed as an extension of M-58, possibly in preparation for an eventual easterly bypass of Pontiac to match the one on the west side. The portion of the route likey did not open to traffic until sometime in 1931, though.
  1936 – The easterly bypass of the City of Pontiac—the counterpart to the M-58 western bypass of the city—is completed and opened to traffic, but is designated and signed as a relocation of M-24 instead of becoming part of M-58. However, the 0.8 mile of Square Lake Rd from US-10/Woodward Ave easterly to Opdyke Rd (where the new M-24 eastern bypass now turns northerly) seems to remain co-signed as M-24/M-58 for some time into the future. Additionally, official maps indicate the M-24 designation is extended westerly along M-58/Square Lake Rd from US-10/Woodward Ave to US-24/Telegraph Rd by mid-1939 at the latest, likely remaining as such until 1961.
  1957 New! 2023-12 – The M-58/Telegraph Rd & M-218/Orchard Lake Rd intersection on the southwest side of Pontiac is a major intersection handling a great amount of traffic. To separate that traffic and increase safety at the junction, a grade separation and quasi-interchange is constructed. A new overpass for M-218/Orchard Lake Rd is constructed over a relocation of M-58/Telegraph Rd just southwest of the existing intersection and a stretch of divided highway for relocated Telegraph Rd is constructed passing underneath the new overpass is completed and opened to traffic. The new quasi-interchange consists of a sbd off-ramp from M-58/Telegraph Rd to M-218/Orchard Lake Rd and a corresponding sbd on-ramp from Orchard Lake to Telegraph. The opposing movements—nbd off M-58/Telegraph Rd to M-218/Orchard Lake Rd and nbd back onto Telegraph from Orchard Lake—are provided using the former route of M-58 along the renamed "Old Telegraph Rd." Oddly, the new relocated segment of M-58/Telegraph Rd is not officially established as a state trunkline route, nor is "Old Telegraph Rd" cancelled as a trunkline route and turned back to local control.
  1961US-10 at Pontiac is rerouted to bypass the city to the west, completely supplanting the M-58 designation. Because to this, the former M-24/M-58 segment of Square Lake Rd becomes US-10/M-24, while the remainder of the former M-58 along Telegraph Rd is redesignated as US-10. M-58, for a second time, ceases as a state trunkline designation.
  1971 (Oct 22) – After a ten-year absence, the third iteration of M-58 is created as M-81 from M-47/Midland Rd west of Saginaw to I-675 near downtown Saginaw is redesignated as M-58. Most of the remainder of M-81 from M-13 easterly into the Thumb is retained, with the portions in between either turned back to local control or, in the case of the concurrent stretch with M-13, retains the M-13 designation.
Controlled Access: No portion of M-58 is freeway or expressway.
NHS: The entire route of M-58 is on the National Highway System.
Memorial Highway: At present, no portion of M-58 has been designated as part of a Memorial Highway.
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