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Southern Entrance:    Ohio state line five miles south of Erie (15 miles south of Monroe)
Northern Terminus:    I-75 at Exit 93 west of Clarkston
Length: Updated 78.465 miles
Map: Route Map of US-24
Notes: The vast majority of the route (from Toledo, Ohio to Dixie Hwy in Waterford Twp) is known as Telegraph Rd. The road was so named due to the telegraph lines running alongside the road for a great distance more than a century ago. Telegraph Rd was an excellent choice for the lines, as it runs in a straight line for long distances, and as we all know, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line... Michigan's Telegraph Rd is not unique, however, as many other Telegraph Roads exist or once existed around the country.
  US-24 in Michigan exists as an exception to the standard US Highway numbering scheme. Even-numbered US highways were laid out to run east-west, while odd-numbered routes run north-south. Outside Michigan, US-24 is indeed an east-west highway. However, since the route within Michigan runs from Toledo on the south to Clarkston on the north, MDOT has (rightfully) signed this highway as a north-south route.
  Some question as arisen as to the precise northern terminus of US-24 in Oakland Co as the actual "US-24 ENDS" route marker assembly on nbd Dixie Hwy sits north (past) the I-75 interchange. What these "ENDS" signs more accurately indicate is the end of the state trunkline highway (and, therefore, state-funded maintenance) rather than the end of the US-24 route. While it is odd for route terminus signage to be configured in this manner, it is very common for state maintenance on a particular roadway to extend for hundreds of yards or even a half-mile beyond what would be considered the terminus for the route designation.
History: 1926 – As laid out in the initial US Highway system plans, US-24 would have followed what was then designated M-56 (later US-25, now M-125) from Ohio into downtown Monroe, then jogged west to M-10 (now US-24) along Telegraph Rd and northerly along Telegraph toward Pontiac. When the final plans for the US Highway system are approved and set in place, US-24 enters Michigan from Ohio and follows Telegraph Rd—its present routing—through Monroe and northerly through Wayne County past the western edge of Detroit. From 7 Mile Rd northerly, Telegraph Rd is not yet complete, so a temporary routing from there into Pontiac is necessary. Initially, it seems the US-24 designation runs northwesterly along US-16/Grand River Ave to Farmington, then northerly along Orchard Lake Rd into Pontiac. Soon after, though, sources show US-24 turning easterly along 7 Mile Rd from Telegraph Rd to Southfield Rd, then northerly along Southfield Rd, ending at US-10/Woodward Ave in downtown Birmingham.
  1927 (May 15) New!The new US Highway designations across the state of Michigan officially become effective today, with US-24 superceeding the route of M-10 between the Ohio state line and Dearborn and then northerly along a new trunkline routing into Oakland Co, as noted above.
  1930 – Telegraph Rd from 7 Mile Rd in Detroit to Square Lake Rd near Pontiac is completed and the US-24 designation is transferred to the new highway. The former route of US-24 along 7 Mile Rd and Southfield Rd is turned back to local control.
  1944 Updated – What would become US-24A is completed from the Ohio state line, 5 miles south of Erie, northerly to US-25 at Erie. Initially, this route is designated and signed as US-25A, however.
  c.1946 – The route of US-25A in southern Monroe Co is redesignated US-24A.
  1956 – The first 30 miles of the Detroit-Toledo Expressway opens from US-24A at Erie, northerly past Monroe, ending at the intersection of Fort St & Allen Rd at Gibraltar, and is designated US-24A. The US-24A designation continues northerly from the end of the freeway at Fort St along Allen Rd to West Rd, then west for 2 miles along West Rd, ending at the intersection of US-24/Telegraph Rd & US-25/Toledo Hwy. The former US-24A routing from the freeway to US-25/South Dixie Hwy becomes a "connector" route, while the concurrent segments with US-25 and M-151 retain those other designations.
  1957 – The Detroit-Toledo Expressway, designated US-24A, is extended northerly from the M-85/Fort St interchange to West Rd. At the end of the highway at West Rd, the US-24A routing continues west back to US-24/US-25 as before. The former route of US-24A along Allen Rd and West Rd east of the new highway is turned back to local control.
  1958 – The US-24A/Detroit-Toledo Expwy is extended northerly from West Rd to end at the cnr of US-25/Toledo Hwy & Sibley Rd west of Wyandotte. Temporarily, the US-24A routing does not reconnect with US-24, its parent route, at its northern end.
  1959 – The US-24A designation is removed from the Detroit-Toledo Expwy and replaced by the brand-new I-75 designation.
  1963 – The "TO I-75" designation is added to US-24/Telegraph Rd from Eureka Rd west of Wyandotte to jct M-102/Eight Mile Rd to connect a pair of completed segments of I-75 north and south of Detroit.
  1966 – With the completion of another segment of I-75, the "TO I-75" designation is removed from US-24/Telegraph Rd.
  1970 – With the renumbering of the John C Lodge Expwy from BS I-696 to US-10, the US-10 designation is rerouted onto US-24/Telegraph Rd from Southfield to US-24's northern terminus at Square Lake Rd southwest of downtown Pontiac. Even though the US-10 and US-24 designations are concurrent for US-24's final 8 miles, the US-24 designation is retained and ends at Square Lake Rd while US-10 continues northerly on Telegraph Rd.
  1973 – The US-25 designation is "decommissioned" in Michigan and the co-signed US-24/US-25 segment between Monroe and southern Wayne Co becomes just US-24.
  1986 – With the decommissioning of US-10 south of Bay City, the concurrently-designated portion of Telegraph Rd between Southfield and Pontiac becomes just US-24, while the portions of Telegraph Rd and Dixie Hwy from Square Lake Rd at Pontiac to I-75 at Exit 93 near Clarkston is re-designated as an extension of US-24, replacing the US-10 designation. BUS US-10 through downtown Pontiac along Square Lake Rd, Woodward Ave, Wide Track Dr, Saginaw St and Dixie Hwy is re-designated BUS US-24.
Controlled Access: No portion of US-24 is freeway or expressway.
NHS: Updated The entire length of US-24 is part of the NHS. (The segment of US-24 from the Ohio state line to I-275 north of Monroe was added in 2012 with the passage of the MAP-21 funding and authorization bill.)
Business Connections:
  • CONN US-24 - Erie. From I-75 at Exit 1 south of Erie to US-24/Telegraph Rd.
  • CONN US-24 - Woodhaven. From US-24 at the cnr of Telegraph Rd, Toledo Hwy & West Rd in Brownstown Twp to I-75 at Exit 34.
  • CONN US-24 - Taylor. From US-24/Telegraph Rd just south of Eureka Rd in Taylor to I-75 at Exit 35.
  • BUS US-24 - Pontiac. From US-24 at cnr of Telegraph Rd & Square Lake Rd southwest of Pontiac to US-24 at cnr Telegraph Rd & Dixie Hwy northwest of Pontiac.
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