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Western Terminus:    M-120 five miles west of Fremont (cnr 48th St & Maple Island Ave)
Eastern Terminus:    US-131/M-46 at Exit 118 west of Howard City
Length: Updated 31.492 miles
Maps: Route Map of M-82
Notes: The years have been both kind and not-so-kind to the current iteration of M-82; its routing has changed several times due mainly to the rerouting of other state highways. First, M-46 was routed off the Newaygo-to-Howard City stretch and M-82 was extended easterly for 15 miles to end at US-131/M-46. Then, M-20 was rerouted west of White Cloud, scaling back M-82 to end at M-20 in Hesperia. Later, the M-82 designation was removed from the concurrent stretch with M-120 south of Hesperia, bringing the route to its current state.
  New! In "State Trunkline Needs, 1960–1980," a set of maps prepared by the State Highway Dept's Office of Planning, Programming Division in 1960 showing possible additions, upgrades and improvements to the state trunkline system over the ensuing twenty years, MSHD staff recommended the following changes to the route of M-82 during that timeframe:
  • An entirely new alignment for M-82 from Hesperia westerly to New Era, running on the quarterline halfway between Garfield Rd and Hayes Rd from existing M-82 along Maple Island Ave (present-day M-120) to approximately 112th Ave, then bending west-northwesterly to merge into Hayes Rd approximately ½ mile east of 88th St then continuing westerly via Hayes Rd to a new terminus at US-31 north of New Era. Interestingly, a US-31 freeway was proposed for Oceana Co, but running east of the existing route through New Era, Shelby and Hart with a proposed interchange at relocated M-82 a little east of 88th St., but the proposed M-82 route is shown as still continuing to existing US-31 even though existing US-31 was proposed for turnback to the county. Existing M-82 between Hesperia and Shelby was earmarked for transfer back to local control. In spirit, this proposal was implemented just a few years after these maps were issued, albeit running along Hayes Rd itself as opposed to a new alignment halfway between Hayes and Garfield Rds.
  • As M-20 was proposed to be realigned in Newaygo Co to run from Fremont directly east to an intersection with M-37 halfway between Newaygo and White Cloud, the existing route of M-82 from Fremont easterly to Newaygo was proposed to be transferred to local control with the eastern terminus for M-82 to be scaled back to the initial M-20 & M-82 jct five miles west of downtown Fremont.
History: 1919 (Sept 4) New! A 8.25-mile long state trunkline route is officially determined in Luce Co beginning immediately north of the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic RR (¼ mile south of the northern village limit of Newberry) and continuing northerly along present-day M-123 for 4¼ miles to Four Mile Corner, then turning westerly along Deer Park Truck Trl (present-day H-37/CR-407) for four more miles to a terminus at Eight Mile Corner. The new trunkline route is given the designation of M-82.
  1920 (May 4) New! The 0.5-mile portion of Newberry Ave from just north of the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic RR on the north end of Newberry (the southern end of officially-determined M-82) and the northern end of officially-determined M-25 entering the village from the south halfway between Avenue A and McMillan Ave is officially determined as a state trunkline highway, bridging the gap between the two segments. The northern 0.3 mile of this half-mile segment is designated as M-82, while the southern 0.2 mile is part of M-25. (M-25 turns westerly from Newberry Ave at Harrie St.)
  1923 (Apr 20) UpdatedAfter just 3½ years, the 4.0-mile segment of M-82 from Four Mile Corner north of Newberry westerly to Eight Mile Corner (present-day H-37/CR-407) is cancelled as a state trunkline highway and turned back to county control. This leaves only the 4¼-mile segment of M-82 between Newberry and Four Mile Corner.
  1925 (Sept 9) Updated – A decision is made to consolidate the routes of both M-82 running from M-25 (later M-28) in downtown Newberry northerly and M-84 running from M-25 (present-day M-28) at McLeod's Corner (southeast of Newberry) southerly to M-12 (later US-2, then M-48, now H-40) at Garnet with that of M-48 running from M-12 at Caffey easterly through Trout Lake, Rudyard, and Pickford toward DeTour Village, creating one unified route using the M-48 designation. To do this, M-48 is now signed concurrently with M-12 betwen Caffey and Garnet in Mackinac Co, where it then supplants M-84 northerly into Luce Co. M-48 is then routed concurrently with M-25 from McLeod's Corner westerly into Newberry where it then replaces the M-82 designation northerly to its terminus at Four Mile Corner north of Newberry. Thus ends the first iteration of M-82.
      The second iteration of the M-82 route designation debuts in the Lower Peninsula. Beginning at M-11 (soon to be designated US-31) in Hart, the new M-82 replaces the M-41 designation southesterly through Ferry and Hesperia to the Fremont area. M-82 runs concurrently with M-24 (soon to become M-20) into Fremont, where the new M-82 travels southerly and easterly supplanting M-41 into Newaygo, terminating at M-37 on the north side of Newaygo.
  1927 (May 17) New! – A 18.3-mile state trunkline segment is officially determined and added to the system beginning at M-37 in downtown Newaygo continuing easterly to the northern jct of US-131 & M-46 in downtown Howard City, and designated as an extension of M-82. From downtown Newaygo, the new segment runs southeasterly and easterly via Quarterline St, then easterly along 76th St, southerly on Basswood Ave, easterly again via 78th St, southerly on Walnut Ave, easterly along 80th St, southerly again via Summer Ave for 1½ miles. M-82 then turns easterly via 82nd St running just north of the present-day route between Summer Ave and Thornapple Ave, then along the present-day route of M-82 between Thornapple and Old M-46, following present-day Old M-46 back to 82nd St before turning northeasterly via Island View Dr, then easterly along 80th St to Oak Grove, turning southerly for one mile via Elm Ave, then easterly along 88th St and continuing into Montcalm Co on Howard City Rd to its new eastern terminus in downtown Howard City.
  1930 (Nov 22) Updated – A new alignment for M-82 in Hart and Elbridge Twps via York Rd east of Hart in central Oceana Co is assumed into the state trunkline system removing nine 90° turns in the route in the process. The former route turned southerly from Polk Rd via 100th Ave, then turned easterly for ½ mile via Hazel Rd, southerly for ½ mile along 104th Ave, easterly for ½ mile on Filmore Rd, southerly for ½ mile via 108th Ave, easterly for 1 mile along Scout Rd, southerly for ½ via 116th Ave, then easterly on Baseline Rd for approximately ½ mile. The new alignment runs along a more direct, angling alignment via York Rd between the cnr of 100th Ave & Taylor Rd southeasterly to Baseline Rd at Knox Creek. The 4.2 miles of new trunkline replaces the 5.6 miles of former route, which is turned back to county control.
  c.1936–37M-46 is concurrently signed with M-82 from Newaygo to US-131 at Howard City, eliminating a discontinuous M-46 routing.
  1938 – The concurrent M-46/M-82 designation between Newaygo and Howard City is removed and becomes only M-46. Ironically, this will be redesignated as M-82 when M-46 is rerouted in 45 years. The route of M-82 is scaled back to end at M-37 in Newaygo.
  1947 (Oct 9) Updated – The western end of M-82 is realigned in Oceana Co. From 132nd Ave just north of Ferry, M-82 now heads westerly via Shelby Rd (Ferry St in the village limits of Shelby) for 7.4 miles to end at US-31 in downtown Shelby. The 11.4 mile former route via 132nd Ave, Pierce Rd, 128th Ave, York Rd and Polk Rd between Ferry and Hart is turned back to county control and shortening the route of M-82 by 4.0 miles. With this realignment, the entire route of M-82 is now completely hard-surfaced.
  1963 (Nov 29) Updated – A new, straight-as-an-arrow (with one slight dip at the South Branch of the White River immediately west of Hesperia) state trunkline highway segment is assumed into the state highway system beginning in downtown Hesperia and continuing westerly for 6.74 miles along Hayes Rd to 154th Ave southeast of Ferry and signed as part of M-82. This direct alignment replaces a wandering, 8.5 mile segment of Loop Rd to the north featuring over a dozen curves—most of them 90° turns—which us . While a westerly extension of this new alignment along Hayes Rd is still underway, M-82 traffic is directed from the western end of the completed section northerly along 154th Ave (a "marked and maintained" segment) for ¾ mile back to the former Loop Rd alignment. While the new alignment shaves ¾ of a mile from the route, the greatest benefits come from the elimination of the many curves and turns along the route and Hayes Rd being a well-engineered facility.
  1964 (Nov 30) Updated – One year and a day after the first 6.74-mile segment of the newly-engineered and relocated M-82 is completed and opened to traffic heading westerly from Hesperia in southeastern Oceana Co the next 8.96 miles via Hayes Rd is completed and assumed into the state trunkline highway system as a further relocation of M-82. The route now terminates at US-31 approximately a mile north of downtown New Era. The 11.6-mile long former route along Loop Rd from 154th St through Ferry to 132nd St, northerly along 132nd to Shelby Rd, then westerly along Shelby Rd (Ferry St in Shelby) to Shelby is turned back to local control. The ¾ mile long temporary connection between the first Hayes Rd segment opened and the original route along Loop Rd east of Ferry has the M-82 markers removed and remains a county road.
  1970 (July 1)Updated With the relocation of M-20 in Newaygo Co off its former stair-step route from White Cloud southwesterly through Fremont and on toward Muskegon and onto a direct westerly alignment from White Cloud to Hesperia, the M-20 designation is continued westerly from Hesperia supplanting the route of M-82 along 1963–64 realignment via Hayes Rd. With M-20 having its new western terminus at US-31 north of New Era, M-82 now terminates at M-20 in Hesperia. The 5-mile formerly concurrent M-20/M-82 segment from Fremont westerly becomes just M-82, while the 7-mile long section of M-82 from Hesperia southerly is now co-signed with the newly-created M-120. M-82 is now only 22 miles in length (down from more than 40 miles prior to 1963).
  1973 (Oct 22) Updated – M-82 is once again lengthened, this time on the east end andironically via its pre-1938 routing from Newaygo easterly toward Howard City. This eastward extension of M-82 replaces the M-46 designation, which is routed southerly from the Howard City area via the newly-completed US-131 freeway to Cedar Springs, then westerly replacing M-57 to the Kent City area. The length of M-82 is increased by approximately 17 miles (back near the 40-mile range).
  c.1978 – Since the final 7 miles of both M-82 and M-120 were co-signed with each other, it was inevitable one would lose out and be truncated back to the M-82 & M-120 jct west of Fremont. That's exactly what happened in the late 1970s. The first Official Michigan Highway Map without the concurrent M-82/M-120 routing from west of Fremont to Hesperia was issued in 1979, implying the M-82 designation was scaled back in the 1978 season. The Official map has been less-than-accurate before, however, so the exact time of the change is unclear.
Controlled Access: No portion of M-82 is freeway or expressway.
NHS: No portion of M-82 is on the National Highway System.
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